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3520 South Indiana Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60653

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Indiana Avenue Pentecostal Church Of God

Our History

The Indiana Avenue Pentecostal Church was founded October, 1934, by our late pastor Elder Charles Ellis, along with his wife, Sister Lucille Ellis, was located at 3455 South Prairie Avenue, with a membership of about 20 strong, sanctified willing workers in full support of God’s word and God’s man. “The Church” as it was called was unaffiliated with any denomination or organization. Around 1937, the name was changed to “The Pentecostal Church of God.” April 1941 Elder Ellis was blessed to find a larger location for his little blessed mission, where they could grow. He moved to 3522 South Indiana Avenue. The Pentecostal Church of God was on the move and the Lord blessed them to purchase the vacant lot next door to the church in 1943, which changed the church address to 3520-22 South Indiana Avenue. The church was growing in the 40’s and it was necessary to branch out and purchase transportation and form auxiliaries . A Motor Coach was purchased, the Young People’s choir was formed, and the young people purchased the first Hammond organ within our local Pentecostal Ranks.
In the 50’s the church was blessed to expand for much need room on the earlier purchased vacant lot, giving the church a seating capacity of 400. November 18, 1953, Pastor Ellis was called by the Master from labor to reward. April 15, 1954 Elder Odee Akines was elevated to pastor. He accepted a heavily indebted church as the result of the new construction, but the Lord was with him, and his wife, Sister Rosie Akines. They labored night and day. He was the repairman and she was the cook. Elder Akienes as often referred to as the weeping prophet. They ministered to the needs of the saints. Elder Akines needed help and appointed capable saints to help him as the church grew. He appointed Brother Charles Davis, Youth Leader, Brother David Ellis, Senior Choir Director, Brother Charles Reid Senior Usher Board President, Sister June Gordon, Young Adult Usher Board President, Sister Mary Ellis, Sr. Missionary Dept. President, Elder Donald Anderson, Junior Sunday School Department, Brother Henry Griffin was one of his assistants, Sister Irene Dunn Young Adult Missionary Dept., and In the 60’s Elder Akines appointed Brother Charles Davis to head the church’s first Finance Committee. Elder Donald Anderson was appointed the first assistant pastor of I.P.C.

February 20, 1970, Elder Akines called home to be with the Lord. April 23, 1970, Elder Charles Davis was elevated to pastor I.P.C. Elder Charles Davis (respectfully known as Chief) and his helpmeet Sister Geraldine Davis were no strangers to I.P.C. They accepted the charge and took off running in service for the Lord. The Lord blessed Elder Charles Davis in no uncertain terms. He blessed him to bring his people out of a roach infested storefront into a showplace. He blessed him to be elevated from and Elder to a Bishop. The church has moved from owner ship of two pieces of property to you count….. The Indian Avenue Pentecostal Church was formed with the need to bless the people of God in mind and it continues to this day….